Here are some tips to create a streamlined laundry:


  • You'll need a metre­ plus clearance in front of appliances and adequate clearance for top ­loaders.
  • Position appliances so doors don't block through­ traffic.
  • Save space with a front­loading washer and wall­ mounted dryer or combined washer­ dryer.
  • Include extra work surfaces for sorting, folding, ironing and sewing.

Fittings, fixtures and finishes

  • Stainless steel sinks easy maintenance.
  • Choose hardwearing, stain­ resistant, waterproof bench top materials.
  • Laundry cabinetry lasts longer if finishes are heat and humidity resistant.


  • Consider custom-­building closets to store your appliances. E.g. measure your mop bucket, vacuum, broom etc…
  • Add extra cupboards for cleaning, ironing, gardening, DIY and sports equipment.
  • If space permits, install a fold­ down ironing board.
  • If you have children or pets, include a high shelf for toxic household chemicals.
  • Allow space for a dirty laundry hamper (under the chute if you have one).
  • Pull­out wire baskets set under the workbench are an efficient means for sorting clean clothes.
  • Sturdy wall or door mounted racks/hooks are handy for tools.

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